It's three years since Bodylibrium started helping people take back control of their lives. Felicity Porritt, Cognitive Behavioural Mind Coach and Dr Ian Campbell, Bodylibrium's founders share their therapy experiences. We'd love you to share your thoughts in return on Bodylibrium's Facebook and Twitter pages"

  • New research shows that financial incentives for behaviour change may work.

    07 May 2014
  • One of my regular patients returned to my clinic this week. I was pleased to see him, and was looking forward to hearing about his progress. The last time we’d met we agreed that he needed to lose some weight and that he’d go home and start making some changes.

    25 March 2014
  • You have to laugh....

    07 March 2014
  • Being overweight isn’t just about how we look, it’s also about how we function.

    20 February 2014
  • A conversation with Dr Ian on 19 February in Southwell

    06 February 2014
  • Recently I was at a conference in Plymouth on obesity and diabetes, where I’d been asked to speak on “Lessons From Failure”. Not initially inspiring I agree, and I wrestled with it for a bit, but on closer look it does allow me to think about one of the most important things in weight management.

    28 January 2014
  • I was doing a home visit to see Sylvia, an older lady whose illness prevented her from leaving her home. Her daughter greeted me at the door. "Thanks for coming doctor. Can I get you a cuppa? Milk and sugar?". "Yes please, but no sugar thanks, I'm sweet enough". Those that know me well, family colleagues or patients, are all too aware I'm definitely not "sweet enough".

    14 January 2014
  • I made a New Year resolution. I was determined I wasn't going to make any, so resolved that I wouldn't. I failed, obviously. How about you? If you're like most people, if you're like me, you won't have lasted a week. There has to be a better way......

    07 January 2014
  • I was asked by a patient one month ago if I was agreeable to her going on a "high-protein" diet, the kind of diet others might call "low-carb". I wasn't keen. The more I learn about weight management the more convinced I become that the best way, the only way to lose weight and keep it off, is through two simple steps.

    01 January 2014
  • Many of my patients who have a weight problem say that they feel hungry all the time, and that when they try to diet, the hunger they feels is too great and they can't resist over-eating. They might eat earlier, or snack excessively between meals, or late in the evening. But the point is they find it almost impossible not to. Why?

    25 December 2013