It's three years since Bodylibrium started helping people take back control of their lives. Felicity Porritt, Cognitive Behavioural Mind Coach and Dr Ian Campbell, Bodylibrium's founders share their therapy experiences. We'd love you to share your thoughts in return on Bodylibrium's Facebook and Twitter pages"

  • "I'd rather go into labour than experience that pain again"

    24 April 2015
  • Whose job is it to help people reduce their weight? Is it all down to the individual? Or should it be the responsibility of the NHS, GP's or nurses? Or is it all up to the Government?

    01 April 2015
  • A new study shows overweight in pets is becoming more and more of a problem

    02 March 2015
  • Pretty much everyone understands the basics of a healthy diet: low fat and lots of fruit and veg. But this week, scientists have brought into question the issue of fat.

    11 February 2015
  • When a man comes to me to ask for help to lose weight he almost always starts the conversation off with a wry smile and the claim that “I wouldn’t normally trouble you doc, but the wife said I should do something about my weight”.

    24 January 2015
  • Monday 19th January is classified as Blue Monday

    18 January 2015
  • A national survey of more than 2,000 women revealed some very interesting results. It seems the most likely thing to motivate women to start a weight loss programme is seeing themselves in the mirror!

    05 January 2015
  • I should have gone weeks ago. Probably several months ago. But it just crept up on me. Last week I decided enough was enough and made the call…………….

    04 December 2014
  • Summary content

    18 November 2014
  • I've heard lots of reasons why my patients think they're overweight. We all try and find a reason why it's not down to lifestyle.

    30 October 2014