It's three years since Bodylibrium started helping people take back control of their lives. Felicity Porritt, Cognitive Behavioural Mind Coach and Dr Ian Campbell, Bodylibrium's founders share their therapy experiences. We'd love you to share your thoughts in return on Bodylibrium's Facebook and Twitter pages"

  • How honest should we doctors be when speaking with patients about weight loss?

    20 October 2015
  • Studies show fidgeting can improve your health as well as help you lose weight!

    23 September 2015
  • Why is it difficult to lose weight? Because our society doesn't prioritise health, which leads to the UK's avoidable 'Health Gap'.

    22 September 2015
  • The first few weeks on a weight loss programme can be very exciting...

    16 September 2015
  • Summer is finally with us. It never ceases to amaze me that although we wait all year for the warmer weather to arrive, each year we seem to be just as unprepared as the last.

    28 July 2015
  • Just as health is a human right, so too should be access to good education and equal opportunity in the workplace

    29 June 2015
  • Vegetables - what are your favourites? They're simple, easy and quick to prepare and very, very nourishing.

    16 June 2015
  • It was just another day in the practice. Sharon, 14 years old, smart and able to talk for herself, told me of months of struggling at school and being bullied. She had become troublesome and disruptive in class, and had been suspended. At home she spent hours alone in her bedroom, refusing to talk to her mum, staying up until the early hours, self-harming and thinking dark thoughts. She was hearing voices, shouting at her, telling her to end it all. Her hands were white with wringing and tears ran down her cheeks. Read more: It was just another day in the practice....

    01 June 2015
  • More than once in recent weeks I've heard commentators state that we "shouldn't make health a political football"

    12 May 2015
  • It's a high price to pay for a slender figure, even as the term 'diet pill' is misleading

    01 May 2015