Muscling In
04 December 2014

I should have gone weeks ago. Probably several months ago. But it just crept up on me. Last week I decided enough was enough and made the call…………….

I enjoy quite active sports. Summer is for water sports. But the rigours of sailing even my little dingy are physically demanding. A sudden pain in my left shoulder a few months ago should have been enough of a warning shot over my bow. But, being a stubborn (some would say stupid) male I choose to ignore it. Too busy, too “hard” as my kids would say, to admit that I needed some professional help. I could still sail. I could still water-ski. I just couldn’t do either of them very well. No change there then. But the difference now was that in addition to not being very good, it was hurting me! When it started to disturb my sleep I knew my goose was cooked. I had no choice. I had to make the call.

Christa is a very experienced sports massage therapist. She immediately knew exactly what was causing my discomfort, and I’m now on a regular programme of soft tissue massage and home-based exercises. Already after two treatments the improvement is palpable. I still sail, and I still water-ski, and still badly, but they don’t hurt as much, and my sleep is no longer disturbed.

All this serves to remind me just how fragile we are, how one torn muscle can impact on so many activities. When we embark on a new weight loss lifestyle, changing our diet is key. But so too is becoming more active. A salutary reminder to us all then that we need to care for our bodies, treat them with respect, and when needed, get the attention and help we need. If you are just starting out on an exercise programme, maybe you haven’t done any exercise for some time. It might be worth talking it through with your doctor or practice nurse. As Christa my therapist said to me today, “you might think you’re hard doc, but you’re only human, and humans break sometimes. Next time come and see me at the beginning, not when it’s already becoming too late”. Wise words. I’m suitably told off!