Making Your Mind Up
05 January 2015

A national survey of more than 2000 women revealed some interesting results. It seems the most likely thing to motivate women to start a weight loss programme is seeing themselves in the mirror! And over a third also said they’d be spurred on by embarrassing photos on Facebook and other networking sites. The report also revealed that many women don’t stay the course, moving from one diet to another in an attempt to find the right one for them, after only a few weeks, a phenomenon we called “Dating Diet Syndrome”. The message is strongly that the best way to achieve success is to take a much more long term view, having a “commitment attitude”, not a dating attitude.

Are you one of the many thousands? Whatever starts your ball rolling, it’s important to choose the right programme, like Bodylibrium, which makes small changes to how you think, feel and behave.

We had great fun launching the report on radio stations across the county. I say we, as I had the pleasure of working with Cheryl Baker, famous for her thigh revealing skirt ripping routine with Bucks Fizz in Eurovision. Cheryl was an absolute delight.

For someone who has achieved so much success in her life she has her feet still firmly on the ground. Her understanding of how tough it is to stay the course comes from personal experience and it showed in the way she described her very personal life-long battle with her weight.

What’s your target? Cheryl was inspirational and I’m sure will have encouraged many other women around the country who agreed that “The camera never lies” and that now is the time for “Making your mind up”.