Feeling SAD in Summer
18 May 2014

British people, like never before, are apparently emigrating to Australia and, rather than opt for the big cities of Sydney and Melbourne are heading for Brisbane, in the north. Why? Because, apparently, the lifestyle is relaxed, and the weather always fantastic. On my short trip to Oz I spent just a few hours in “sun-drenched” Surfer’s Paradise and the Gold Coast, just south of Brisbane. It was raining.

People of the Gold Coast though are logged as among the most depressed in the world! So how can we match up these two trains of thought? Well it’s thought that the symptoms of heat exposure are very similar to those of depression. So maybe too much of a good thing can be bad for you?

I came across these two opposing views I was researching “Summer SADS, or summer seasonal affective disorder, which a small number of us experience. SADS might be familiar to many of you as a problem of the long dark winter nights, but did you realise there is also a summer version? Sufferers are only affected in the summer months but can experience low mood, lack of energy, irritability, alterations in appetite and, sometimes, weight gain………

So, are you feeling SAD this summer? Struggling with unwelcome weight gain? I hope not. Summer, for most of us, is a great opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, with increased exercise in the light summer evenings and healthy out-door dining with family and friends. Make the most of our glorious British summer. We have everything we need to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Get out whenever you can, rediscover the joy of walking in the countryside or in the park. Take a friend with you. And don’t be tempted, even for a minute, to emigrate! But, if you could, where in the world do you think would be the easiest place for you to lose weight, and why? I’d love to hear from you.