Bouncing Back
07 January 2014

I made a New Year resolution. I was determined I wasn't going to make any, so resolved that I wouldn't. I failed, obviously. How about you? If you're like most people, if you're like me, you won't have lasted a week. There has to be a better way......

Four weeks ago my hairdresser was proudly telling me of his new found commitment to weight loss. While snipping around my ears he was waxing lyrical about his new diet and passion for exercise. He was worried about losing weight. I was worried about losing the tip of my ear. Well my ears survived, but his diet didn't. I visited him again today, he trimmed my hair in uncharacteristic silence. No weight loss to tell of. His enthusiastic beginnings were swiftly followed by Christmas celebrations and he lapsed. He'll be back on track some day. But what can we do to avoid the cycle of yo-yo dieting?

While it's important to make a new beginning with enthusiasm and optimism, it's also important to have a measure of realism. Every dieter will, at some point let themselves down. They'll eat more than they should, or exercise less than they might. It's called a lapse. It's normal human behaviour! Expect the occasional lapse and it won't be a disappointment. Sure, work hard to minimise them, to make them as infrequent as possible, but recognise them for what they are. Normal! The trick for successful weight loss is to accept lapses, and use them as a way of reinforcing your commitment to long-term lifestyle change. If you've overindulged a bit, or had a lazy day, take the positive out of it. You had an enjoyable day! Then remind yourself of what it is you're doing this for. Remind yourself of your long term goal and start again.

Remember, the true measure of a man, or woman, is not how hard you fall. It's how high you bounce back.


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